Thursday, December 15, 2016

Digital Scrapbook Free Download - Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside                                                     Temp:   25F 
December 15, 2016
Cove, Oregon

We are scheduled for a really cold weekend, down in the minus numbers.  Living in farming country, I worry about all of the animals that live outdoors - the birds, the cattle, horses, etc.  I don't know how they maintain their calm in such weather.  I, on the other hand, resort to flannel, bunny slippers, and mugs of hot cocoa.  I read somewhere that horses have 12 layers of hair/fur that they are able to fluff up as the temperature drops, to insulate them from the cold.  I hope that it is true.  Our horses have a barn to go into when they want to, but they are usually too busy socializing with the neighbor's horses.  Our horses have a social routine, in fact:  During the day, they hang out with the horses east of us across the street.  They call to each other across the road from their respective fenced pastures.  Around 5:00, they walk over to the north to visit with the neighbor's horses (Neighbors are named Whinny and Scratchy).  They are only separated by a fence.  Whinny is a tall, white Arabian - just gorgeous.  And Scratchy is a very short Shetland.  Very funny to see them together. My husband usually gives all four of them apple treats, so it's a routine that they love.

The Pixelscrapper Designer Challenge theme is "Baby, It's Cold Outside", with a specific set of colors.  I hope that you will find something that you can use in my small kit.  Feedback welcome on any aspect of the kit, packaging, etc.  As always, these are free to you to use commercially, etc.  No need for credit.  My "Good Karma" TOU is at the end of this post.  You can also subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new downloads.

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  1. Очень красивая цветовая палитра,шикарные бумаги и красивые элементы!!! Большое спасибо за прекрасный подарок!!! Счасливого Рождества!!!

  2. Beautiful and cute at the same time! thank you

  3. Thank you for all the beautiful freebies you have shared. I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.! I have a pinterest-page with all the adventcalendars and blogtrains I follow (
    Love from Holland, Claudia van Schie (to see my christmas card:

  4. Thanks for your artistry and generosity. Your work is lovely!