Thursday, December 29, 2016

Digital Scrapbooking Free Download - January Blog Hop

The Guys                                                                                 Temp:  10F
January 2017
The Rush Ranch, Oregon

Snow falls heavy and drifts across the roads, hills and valleys.  Everything is bathed in the white brilliance of cold crystals.  The sound of everyday activity in this neighborhood is now silenced by the heavy blanket of snow, snow and more snow.  We wait.  For sunlight, for warmth, for the snowplow.  We wait.  I have soup in the crockpot, and bread rising on the kitchen counter.  The winter calls for warm kitchens and plenty of comfort food for the family. I offer hot tea flavored with cinnamon honey.  I think about our eldest son, and how he and his love are leaving today for the Caribbean.  I think of our Grandson teaching English to children in the jungles of Viet Nam.  I think of my friend Terri, in the warmth of South Africa.  Blue skies and sunny beaches are hard to imagine, when standing in knee-deep snow shoveling a path to the front door.  I am happy for them, and look forward to photos of suntans and smiles. 

I hope you have had a delightful and blessed holiday season.  I hope that you were able to gather with family and/or friends and take the opportunity to tell them how much you love them. I hope your dinner table was set with favorite recipes, and that laughter and joy was ever present.  I live in a part of my country that has snow at this time of year.  It is easy to imagine Santa and his reindeer racing across the night sky, fulfilling the dreams of children the world over.  There was a time, many years ago, when even savage wars were put on hold for Christmas night so that all could imagine for a moment, peace on earth, goodwill toward men. I wish that future for us all: peace on earth, goodwill toward all. 

And the reason why you are here, it's another blog hop, this time for January.  It has been a long time since we've had a strong masculine theme at Pixelscrapper, so this one is for the boys. The colors were a combination of browns, greens, and blues.  I'm excited to see the other designer kits because we don't coordinate before hand.  It is always a delight to see how different designs and ideas emerge.  The palette of greens and browns made me think of camo, the great outdoors, fishing and camping, etc., so I went in that direction.  I did drop in a few garage tools, just in case.  I guess the truth of it is that I have a scattered mind flowing in too many directions to harness a single theme.  

Thanks for putting up with that.  Here we go - all of these items are free to you for use in your personal or commercial endeavors, as my "random act of kindness".  Please pass along the good intentions to others as you can.  It's up to us, each individual, to try and make a difference no matter how small.  My TOU is at the bottom of this post.  You'll find all of the other designs for this bloghop, here.


I'll have another download for you in a matter of days, so if you have not subscribed for notification of downloads, check back here on January 4th.  Blessings and Blue Skies,

Photo of our Lab, Murphy

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Digital Scrapbook Free Download - Baby It's Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside                                                     Temp:   25F 
December 15, 2016
Cove, Oregon

We are scheduled for a really cold weekend, down in the minus numbers.  Living in farming country, I worry about all of the animals that live outdoors - the birds, the cattle, horses, etc.  I don't know how they maintain their calm in such weather.  I, on the other hand, resort to flannel, bunny slippers, and mugs of hot cocoa.  I read somewhere that horses have 12 layers of hair/fur that they are able to fluff up as the temperature drops, to insulate them from the cold.  I hope that it is true.  Our horses have a barn to go into when they want to, but they are usually too busy socializing with the neighbor's horses.  Our horses have a social routine, in fact:  During the day, they hang out with the horses east of us across the street.  They call to each other across the road from their respective fenced pastures.  Around 5:00, they walk over to the north to visit with the neighbor's horses (Neighbors are named Whinny and Scratchy).  They are only separated by a fence.  Whinny is a tall, white Arabian - just gorgeous.  And Scratchy is a very short Shetland.  Very funny to see them together. My husband usually gives all four of them apple treats, so it's a routine that they love.

The Pixelscrapper Designer Challenge theme is "Baby, It's Cold Outside", with a specific set of colors.  I hope that you will find something that you can use in my small kit.  Feedback welcome on any aspect of the kit, packaging, etc.  As always, these are free to you to use commercially, etc.  No need for credit.  My "Good Karma" TOU is at the end of this post.  You can also subscribe to this blog to get notifications of new downloads.

Blessings and Blue Skies,


Friday, December 2, 2016

Digital Scrapbook Free Download - Christmas Things

Christmas Things
December 3rd, 2016
Cove, Oregon

December roars in and there is no way to tame it all.  Best to just sit back with a nice cup of hot cocoa, sip slowly, and contemplate how lovely the Christmas decorations are.  Even if you celebrate another holiday or not at all, it's refreshing to slow down for a moment and remember WHY you are blessed in so many ways......Clean water to drink?  A roof over your head?  Kids wearing shoes?  The little things we might take for granted are sorely lacking in darker parts of the world.  Surely HIS grace and mercy wash over me like a river, one I drink from but don't deserve.

We've had colder weather lately, with a bit of snow.  Today was in the mid 30's F. Even though the house is warm, I just felt like taking a nap today, and curled up with my favorite blanket. My cat joined me, and purred us both to sleep.  He's a real character.  His name is Oscar, after "Oscar The Grouch" on Sesame Street.  He always seems to have a scowl on his furry face.  

The Grouch
The Pixelscrapper folks have been putting us through our paces in designing TEMPLATE bits for the holidays.  I thought that I would post them here for those of you that don't go to the Pixelscrapper website to download the various free goodies there.   Templates, remember, are PSD files that are grayed out so that you can color them yourselves.  They are not the normal colored graphics in a scrapbooking kit.  They are more for designers that want to color in their own way.  PSD files are larger than the standard PNG files, and the PSD files have more parts, such as the elf's hat, shoes, coat, stockings, mittens, etc. are all separate.  Forgive any imperfections.

The first set of items were "Santas and Snowmen".  I used my Photoshop shapes and maneuvered them about to make a few things for you.  My favorite of these is the elf - he was the most fun to make.
Then we were tasked with designing word art.  That always seems to be a challenge for me, because I am a rather quiet person, I keep to myself and have little to say.  A typical introvert.  Well - not so typical I guess - I am rather an extreme introvert.  Give me a good book, and I could disappear for days on end (because I would read it twice.)

One of my designs really didn't work, but I left it in the bunch, anyway.  I was going for one of those scraggly "Charlie Brown" trees, and it didn't quite hit the mark.  And then, I have no idea why I made a sad puppy - He reminds me of my Dachshund "Beezer", with those floppy ears and big brown eyes.  Beezer is over the rainbow bridge now, after a long and happy life.  But I miss him still.


I took creative license when designing the "Wonderful Year" piece.  The correct words to the song are:  "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." and I took out the word "The" to make my version.  I received feedback on that - messing with Christmas Song verbiage is apparently a touchy subject, so I apologize for that.  I have prepared an additional download with the word "The" in the new design.
No worries.

As always these are free for commercial use, no strings, no need to give credit, etc.  Just pass on the goodness you receive in any way you can.  And thank you for your kind words to me - you all have been very thoughtful in expressing your thanks for my downloads.  I am very lucky to have such sweet people to interact with.   If you subscribe to my blog, you can be alerted by email when I have new downloads.  My official TOU is below:
Blessings and Blue Skies,